You might as well go mad.

I'm Roxanne.
I am 24.
I'm Happy.
Roller Derby.
Adore spoken word.
Plan to travel the world.
Honesty and food are the key to my heart.
My brain is its own Pandora station.
<3 LOVE to sing sing sing.
I stay positive, laugh, laugh, laugh and love, love, love.

"Carve my heart into a baseball bat. Hit my fear out of the park." - Andrea Gibson

"I want to get more comfortable being uncomfortable. I want to get more confident being uncertain. I don’t want to shrink back just because something isn’t easy. I want to push back, and make more room in the area between I can’t and I can."

Kristin Armstrong  (via psych-facts)

"I want my words and actions to be the quantification of my love, to make tangible the passions in my heart for the world and the people in it."

Anis Mojgani (via locom0tive)

"When you need to be loved, you take love wherever you can find it. When you are desperate to be loved, feel love, know love, you seek out what you think love should look like. When you find love, or what you think love is, you will lie, kill, and steal to keep it. But learning about real love comes from within. It cannot be given. It cannot be taken away. It grows from your ability to create love within yourself."

Iyanla Vanzant  (via internal-acceptance-movement)

"I have a habit of falling in love with souls who have yet to be at peace with their bodies, their minds, their weaknesses. I try to build them, to find the parts of them that are missing in me.
I end up with holes in my chest."

Farah Gabdon (via wordswoman)

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."

Earl Nightingale (via lajoiedespetiteschoses)

"You can’t fill loneliness with people you have no intention of loving."

Codi Ann Thomsen, letter-writing (via ileu)

"Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones"

John Lennon  (via acideyedrops)



Here is another video from Permanent Wave fest! ‘In For Me’ by Kelly Montoya live @ The Ho_Se 

If I could sing, I would sing this song. It’s beautiful.

"I learned the real meaning of love. Love is absolute loyalty. People fade, looks fade, but loyalty never fades. You can depend so much on certain people, you can set your watch by them. And that’s love, even if it doesn’t seem very exciting."

Sylvester Stallone (via quotes-shape-us)

"Some people will never “get you.” Do not spend eternity asking why. People will see you differently, just cherish those who lift your soul."

Dodinsky (via ifnothingelsebekind)

"I was 19 when I finally stopped opening the door for unrequited love.
I was 20 when I first learned that
courage tasted like bitter wine and metal. Like blood and honey.
When I told you I loved you,
I screamed it. I let it rip
it’s way out of my throat, and
it felt so good that I cried.
The other day, you walked by me
with your friends and I could feel the pity in your stare.
Don’t you do that.
Don’t you look at what I had for you and call it weak.
Not when you were the one afraid of it.
I stood there with my hands open,
my mouth bruised tender with supplication.
Don’t you dare treat me like a victim of my own emotions, like being
moved to my knees by love
was a mistake that I regret.
I will go to my grave with the memory
of the bravery in my bones.
I am not ashamed of any of it.
Not the closed door in my face
or the static silence of my phone
for weeks after.
I was not afraid.
I am still not afraid.
I will never be afraid again.
Bring in the beasts with teeth
like tree branches.
Bring in all the men who will never love me.
Bring in the monsters with
faces carved out of stone.
I am not afraid.
They can eat me alive.
I am not afraid.
I will cut my way out of their bellies.
I am not afraid.
Never again."

Unrequited | Caitlyn S. (via absentions)

Love this