You might as well go mad.

I'm Roxanne.
I am 24.
I'm Happy.
Roller Derby.
Adore spoken word.
Plan to travel the world.
Honesty and food are the key to my heart.
My brain is its own Pandora station.
<3 LOVE to sing sing sing.
I stay positive, laugh, laugh, laugh and love, love, love.

"Carve my heart into a baseball bat. Hit my fear out of the park." - Andrea Gibson

My friend Jocelyn Rice. She is about halfway through her trip riding her bicycle across the country! Her and her father began in Cocoa Beach, FL and are now somewhere in Texas. Over halfway to their destination in California! 3,259 miles total! You should check out her page and show the girl some support!! What they’re doing is pretty amazing! Reblog and share her story!

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